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Since forming in 1947, Tumpeer Chemical has positioned itself as a leader in the plastic and rubber industries serving
as both a manufacturer's representative and distributor in more than 25 states. Several of Tumpeer Chemical's business relationships span a half century. We sell quality chemical dispersions, processing aids, T-MR hydrocarbons, customer elastomeric compounds, resins, processing equipment and laboratory testing instruments. Tumpeer Chemical participates in the global market as a source for raw materials to clients in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and Ecuador. We recently began purchasing raw materials from companies within Russia, China and Italy. In late 2004, Tumpeer Chemical expanded its industry reach once again with the formation of TCC Manufacturing located in Olney, Illinois. This venture resulted from a foreseen industry need to provide companies with ground hard asphalt. Building on the strength of former personnel and senior industry leaders, TCC is primed to add additional subagents to expand coverage in core territories within the central and middle United States.


In 1947, Julius Tumpeer faced mandatory retirement at the age of 65 from the presidency of the Witco Corporation. He had no interest in moving to New York City (Witco's new headquarters) from Chicago to serve as a director and he still preferred the distribution and marketing aspects of the rubber business, in contrast to the manufacturing aspects of the business.

Therefore upon his retirement from Witco, Julius Tumpeer co-founded Tumpeer Chemical Company with his son-in-law, Eli Grossman. He sold all his stock in the Witco Corporation. Julius then aligned the Tumpeer Chemical Company with many of the competitors of the Witco Corporation as a distributor or agent. The company had immediate and strong sales success and expanded into the areas of chemical dispersions, resins sales and carbon black representation. Julius continued to be the President of Tumpeer Chemical Company until his death in 1970. Eli Grossman served as President from 1970 to the end of 1986. Gerald Williams, a Tumpeer Chemical Company employee since 1974, became its President in 1987 and still serves in that capacity. He owns TCC in partnership with his wife Wendy Williams.

But a keystone to the success of Tumpeer Chemical in 1947, and throughout its life, has been the sale of an asphaltic product called "T-MR fine grind mineral rubber." Julius approached Trumbull Asphalt Company (now a division of Owens Coming Corporation) in Summit, Illinois to manufacture a granulated, blown, asphalt rubber filler (T-MR) for Tumpeer Chemical Company. It was essentially a toll manufacturing arrangement. Today, however, TCC Manufacturing Co. now grinds the low-PIN asphalt that is oxidized by either Trumbull Asphalt or Martin Asphalt. Tumpeer Chemical does the product invoicing and distribution. Tumpeer Chemical Company derives other significant income from the sale of custom-mixed rubber, equipment sales and chemical sales. As a company, distribution sales, or re-sold sales, are close to $2,000,000 and as sales agent, annual sales have been as high as $29,000,000.

The Wishnick-Tumpeer Chemical Company was originally a distributor and reseller of chemicals. Up to 1924 they purchased and re-sold the output of a small asphalt company located in Lawrenceville, Illinois called the Pioneer Asphalt Company. In 1924, the Wishnick-Tumpeer Chemical Company purchased the Pioneer Asphalt Company. They specialized in the production of asphaltic products for the rubber industry.

In 1944, the Wishnick-Tumpeer Company changed its name to Witco Corporation. Years later they changed their name again to the Witco Chemical Corporation. Witco grew rapidly over the years as they continued to buy more of their Principals and make other acquisitions.

Witco Chemical started producing other types of specialty oils, fatty acids, carbon black and chemicals and eventually grew into a multibillion-dollar sales company that today is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1985, The Texaco Oil and Refining Company, primarily due to damage caused by a major fire at the facility, decided to close their Lawrenceville plant. As a result, Pioneer Asphalt Company lost its local and least expensive source of raw asphalt. The Texaco closing and the death of Mr. Wishnick in 1983, prompted Witco to decide to close the Pioneer Division. In July of 1985 a group of investors, lead by Ziegler Chemical and Mineral Corporation, bought the facility and retained the Pioneer Asphalt Company name and continued to manufacture Pioneer mineral rubber.

Pioneer Asphalt Co. closed their Lawrenceville, Illinois operations in 2004 and Trumbull Asphalt Co. stopped the grinding of hard hydrocarbon in April of 2004.

Tumpeer Chemical Co. now needed a new source for ground "mineral rubber!" Jerry and Wendy Williams elected to start TCC Manufacturing Co. for the sole purpose of producing a "fine grind mineral rubber." Trumbull remained the source for the oxidized asphalt and later Martin Asphalt was added as a second source. Today "mineral rubber" is ground and packaged at TCC Manufacturing Co. and shipped to the markets for molded rubber goods (MRG), newsprint ink, shoe sole, drilling mud, industrial wheel and floor mats; indicating only a few of the applications for the hard hydrocarbon.